Supporting Tourism Economic Growth in Bali, Pertamina Gas Subholding Serves Commercial-Industry With Advantages of CNG and LNG
04 November 2022

Supporting Tourism Economic Growth in Bali, Pertamina Gas Subholding Serves Commercial-Industry With Advantages of CNG and LNG

Bali – Subholding Gas Pertamina is committed to expanding the utilization of non-pipeline natural gas, namely CNG and LNG on the island of Bali, primarily providing efficiency benefits for users in various sectors. Currently, natural gas users in Bali are mostly engaged in the commercial sector such as hotels, restaurants, cafes.

The President Director of Pertagas Niaga, Aminuddin explained that similar to natural gas which is piped, the use of CNG and LNG has the advantage of encouraging the competitiveness of product and service brands. Availability of supplies for 24/7 will also be a plus, so customers will not experience problems running out of fuel.

"Not only in terms of decreasing production costs on the costs paid, consumers while using natural gas will get other benefits such as sustainability of operations and services. The price of natural gas in this case CNG, apart from being more competitive than other fossil energies, is also more stable. The calculation of energy cost planning is also more accountable, because the use of natural gas can be calculated in real terms and can be used as a database for managing operating costs.” said Aminuddin, (4/11/2022).
Aminuddin continued, with more competitive prices, it can also have a positive economic impact for customers. Bali as a tourist destination is expected to further increase economic competitiveness and the use of CNG can be one of the pillars of clean energy in Bali.

PT Pertagas Niaga as an affiliate of Subholding Gas Niaga has initiated the distribution of non-pipeline natural gas in Bali, considering that Bali is one of the areas that has not been connected to the natural gas network of the Subholding Gas Group.

The supply of CNG by Pertagas Niaga in collaboration with Patra Logistik has been carried out to The Trans Resort Bali, Badung as a pioneer consumer of CNG in Bali. The potential for consumers continues to increase, so the PGN group tries to support it with alternative natural gas in the form of LNG with similar benefits. Conrad Hotel and SOL by Melia are Pertagas Niaga customers who use LNG.

“This massive expansion of CNG and LNG is also part of Pertamina's Gas Subholding effort to contribute to reducing energy imports and saving LPG subsidies to be more targeted. Sourced from within the country, the use of CNG and LNG will also support energy independence in Indonesia. Support from the government is also very important, so that the utilization of LNG by customers in various segments can be obtained at competitive prices, "said Aminuddin.

Alex Jovanovich as General Manager of Trans Resort Bali warmly welcomes cooperation in the use of CNG which is in line with Trans Resort Bali's commitment to using clean energy. Trans Resort Bali became the first hotel in Bali to use certified CNG and became a center for the use of CNG by other hotels.

Trans Resort Bali uses CNG which is distributed using a cradle with a capacity of 60 M³ and supporting infrastructure, namely PRS (Pressure Reducting System).

According to him, the use of energy in the hotel industry is very important to increase the company's commitment to managing operations that are more sustainable in line with the spirit and vision of Trans Resort to become a hotel that implements ESG principles. At Trans Resort Bali, energy costs account for 8% of total operating costs.

"We made a meter for the use of clean energy. Of course, to make it more reliable, clean, and not require too much adjustment with existing kitchen equipment. With the use of CNG, kitchen maintenance becomes more minimal," said Alex.

Usually, Trans Resort Bali performs kitchen maintenance once a month. However, with CNG, during these 6 months, the kitchen does not require maintenance because the flame remains stable and clean. Alex also prioritizes the use of safe energy, so CNG is the right choice.

In addition to CNG, non-pipeline natural gas Subholding Gas is also distributed in the form of LNG. Conrad Hotel is the first hotel in Bali to use LNG for kitchen needs, boilers and torches. LNG demand at Conrad Hotel is quite large, so it is distributed using LNG Isotank with a capacity of 9,000 M³.

"The use of environmentally friendly energy will be Conrad's commitment to carry out the company's sustainable business operations. This is also a competitive product that we can offer to customers in accordance with ESG commitments. Of course, with the commitment to achieve NZE and carbon cutting can be added value for customers and all stakeholders. The achievement of a 40% reduction in carbon emissions is currently a pretty good number," said Kevin Girard as General Manager of Conrad Hotel.

The next hotel that uses LNG is SOL by Melia for kitchen needs. LNG is distributed using a 3000 M³ microbulk infrastructure.
"The use of LNG for us has an impact on us serving customers. As an all-inclusive hotel, this service is increasingly attracting consumers and increasing hotel occupancy. SOL has concerns about the clean energy use campaign. Maintenance is also minimal, because energy (LNG) is cleaner. For guests We are the European Market, this is very influential," said Agus Mauro, Owner of SOL by Melia.