Escorting target of NZE  G20 Forum, Pertamina Gas Subholding Continues to Expand the Utilization of CNG and LNG in Bali
04 November 2022

Escorting target of NZE G20 Forum, Pertamina Gas Subholding Continues to Expand the Utilization of CNG and LNG in Bali

Bali – The Subholding Gas Group continues to intensify the distribution of non-pipeline natural gas, namely Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in Bali, especially for the hotel, restaurant and cafe (horeka) sector. The provision of natural gas as clean energy as well as supporting environmental tourism in Bali, as well as overseeing the G20 Forum targets related to net zero emission.

In order to maintain supply reliability, Pertamina's Gas Subholding Affiliate, PT Pertagas Niaga, has operated the Mengwi CNG filling station located in Badung, Bali. Mengwi Terminal has a charging capacity of 600 - 1,000 M³ per hour. From this station, CNG can serve customer needs with various modes of transportation such as being packaged in cylinder tubes or mounts with larger volumes, then shipped to customers.

The hotel industry has pioneered the use of CNG in Bali, namely Trans Resort Bali since April 2022. The positive impact of using CNG is felt by customers, so that CNG users in Bali continue to grow.

In addition to CNG, the supply of natural gas for non-LNG pipelines also continues to grow, including the Conrad Hotel and Hotel SOL by Melia. To strengthen, LNG is packaged in microbulk, which can then be used as fuel in kitchens, boiler water heaters, and laundry.
PGN Director of Sales and Operations Faris Aziz stated that natural gas is a clean and environmentally friendly fuel, because it produces less pollution or emissions than other fossil fuels. The more industrial and commercial use of natural gas, the more significant carbon emissions can be reduced. Considering that in this sector, energy demand is also quite large.

Pertagas Niaga currently supplies CNG in Bali as much as 20,000 m3/month and that volume is predicted to increase to 850,000 m3/month in line with consumer interest and infrastructure readiness.

Faris hopes that the use of natural gas in Bali will increase through the expansion of CNG and LNG and it will also be easier and many people are enthusiastic about using it as a fuel that is more environmentally friendly and the best alternative energy in the energy transition period towards the Net Zero Emission target of 2060.

“We continue to establish intense communication with both existing and prospective customers. Our readiness to distribute CNG and LNG is supported by efforts to provide infrastructure. When the infrastructure is ready, the market potential will certainly be easier to reach," said Faris, (04/11/2022).

Especially for the hotel, restaurant and café industry in Bali, Pertagas Niaga is optimistic that it can flow natural gas, both CNG and LNG, of 12,000 MMBTU per month, which is supplied from gas from East Java and Kalimantan. This volume is predicted to increase significantly with awareness of using more environmentally friendly energy. CNG and LNG are distributed by Pertamina Gas Subholding as an alternative for consumers whose areas are not yet connected to the gas pipeline network